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Can You Get An SR22 Certification If You Don't Own A Car

Most states require that you get SR22 car insurance if you have committed a traffic offense like hit and run or driving under the influence. When you buy this certification, you'll be able to drive again since you have adequate coverage to pay for expenses that occur after an accident. But SR22 insurance isn't just for car owners. You can obtain the certification, even if you don't own a car. In this case, you will need to obtain a non-owner SR22.

What's Non-Owner SR22 Car Insurance?

This plan gives coverage to drivers who wish to drive other people's cars. So, if your driving privileges were taken away because you were caught driving on a suspended license, driving without insurance, or under the influence, you should get this insurance plan. 

The policy will offer protection when you are involved in an accident while driving a rented vehicle or a friend's car. Usually, these policies are secondary coverage, so they only kick in after exhausting the primary car insurance policy limits. For instance, if you are involved in an accident while using your friend's car, and you cause significant property damage, then this insurance can help. If you are the faulty party, the car owners' car insurance plan will pay up to their liability limit (property damage), and then your non-owner SR22 plan will kick in.

Why Is It Vital to Get Your SR22 Policy If You Don't Have a Car?

One of the benefits you will enjoy is acquiring your driving rights after the suspension of your license. The non-owner SR22 plan also assists people to avoid a car insurance coverage lapse, which in turn ensures you don't pay higher premiums in the future.

How Can You Acquire SR22 Car Insurance Without a Car?

The first thing you need to do before you consider getting this coverage is your eligibility. You are required to meet all the mandated car insurance regulations in your state, which is also known as the minimum coverage or basic liability coverage. If you are qualified and don't have a car, you can search for a reputable insurance company that provides non-owner minimum auto coverage. 

If you don't have the liability coverage, you will need to get it first. After buying the primary policy, you can inform them that you require the non-owner SR22 insurance plan. A good company will handle the process on your behalf and provide the certification. Make sure you pay the proper filing fees and exercise patience as they process the policy.

Keep these tips in mind when looking for SR22 car insurance programs near you.