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Learning More About Auto Insurance

Hello, my name is Barry. I am here to discuss auto insurance with you all. The insurance plan you sign up for will protect your car from damages named in the details. You must carefully read about each type of coverage in the plan to determine when the insurance will kick in. You also need to look into the deductible amount and requirements to be prepared in case of an accident. You can obtain coverage for accidents, theft, vandalism and other events with varying deductible amounts. I invite you to visit this site anytime you need to learn more about auto insurance. Thank you for coming by today.

Surprising Things Your Home Insurance May Cover

Your homeowner's policy covers just more than the four walls, foundation, and roof of your home. You can avoid over-purchasing insurance policies by learning exactly what is covered by your current homeowner's insurance in your area.

Property In a Dorm

If you have a child away at college and they are still considered a dependent, then you don't need to purchase them an extra contents policy or renter's insurance because your home insurance already covers the belongings in the dorm from theft or damages. This coverage only covers on-campus or college sponsored housing, not private off-campus rentals. The coverage is also only for personal items, not damages to the dorm. The college may require you to carry an additional policy for damages to the dorm property.

Items in Your Car

Your personal property inside your car, in the saddle bags of a motorcycle, or sitting inside your boat are all covered under your homeowner's policy. Most vehicle policies do not cover contents unless you purchase an umbrella policy for contents coverage. Fortunately, you can skip this extra cost if you have home insurance, just verify your amount of coverage on items that are not currently within your home.

Identity Theft

It can be alarming to check your account balance and see it at zero due to a lot of charges you didn't authorize. The good news is that many homeowner's policies now provide coverage for just this sort of thing. Keep in mind that the policy doesn't pay for all of your losses, you will still need to report the fraud to the bank and local law enforcement. What the policy covers is a set amount, such as up to $500. You will get a payout immediately so you can have some cash on hand while you sort out the theft with your bank and the law.

Pet Damages

Even the best behaved pet sometimes has a bad day. If your dog damages someone else's property or behaves in a way that causes injury to someone or their pet, your policy may cover the damages. This coverage is typically only for damages that don't occur on your property, you may need a rider on the policy to cover on-property damages. Also, verify that there are no breed restrictions.

Burial Plot Vandalism or Damage

Vandalism or damage are a reality you may have to face one day when it come's to a family member's burial plot. The good news is that many home insurance policies also cover any burial plots that you own.

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