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Hello, my name is Barry. I am here to discuss auto insurance with you all. The insurance plan you sign up for will protect your car from damages named in the details. You must carefully read about each type of coverage in the plan to determine when the insurance will kick in. You also need to look into the deductible amount and requirements to be prepared in case of an accident. You can obtain coverage for accidents, theft, vandalism and other events with varying deductible amounts. I invite you to visit this site anytime you need to learn more about auto insurance. Thank you for coming by today.

Filing A Car Insurance Claim Through An App: Quick Lesson For Beginners

Sometimes your car insurance agent cannot race to the scene of an accident to see the damage to your vehicle. It would be ideal, since most agents want to see the damage up close before filing your claim. Now, with the advent of car insurance apps, it is almost like having your agent right there at the scene of the accident. If you are not tech-savvy enough to do this, or you have never filed an accident claim through an app before, here is a quick lesson for beginners.

Open the App and Make Sure You Are Signed In

If you have not done so already, download your insurance company's app. The app itself should be free, as most insurance companies that have one offer this a as a perk of doing business with them. Then open the app, make sure you are signed in using your account login info, and begin your claim process. 

The Claims Process Inside the App

  1. Look for a tab that says "File a Claim" or "I need to file a claim." Click on it. This should open a claim form that lets you explain what happened.
  2. Use voice recognition on your phone as this will be faster than trying to type all of the text in yourself.
  3. When it gets to the part of the form that requests pictures, your phone may ask if you want to allow access to your camera. (Some companies already have picture-taking software built into the app itself, in which case you do not have to click over to your phone's camera for this step.)
  4. Take and upload the pictures of ALL of the damage to your vehicle from as many angles as you can.
  5. If another car was involved, you may have to take pictures of the damages to the other vehicle too.
  6. Finish any parts of the form that are left, then hit "send" or "okay, file claim."
  7. Save all of the photos you took of the damages, just in case you need to resend any to the insurance company.
  8. Get a copy of the police report, in case your insurance company wants it for their records. This you may have to drop off with your local agent or mail into the company if they request it because it will not upload clearly on your phone.

Your claim is automatically sent to the insurance company. If no one is on duty because it is a weekend or holiday, your claim will be reviewed on the next business day. You can usually expect to hear from an insurance agent within a week of filing your claim through the app. To learn more, contact a company like House-Chilson & Associates.